Hello Kitty vs Kuromi / 30 LOL Surprise DIYs (2023)



Hello Kitty finds herself in LaliTown, and her fans are ecstatic! However, Kurumi and her gang of bullies are clearly against the cute little cat... What will make the kids declare a truce? Find out in the thrilling new video from LaliLu Land!

#hellokitty #kuromi #lolsurprise

Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• acrylic paints
• craft scissors
• art brushes
• utility knife
• tweezers
• printed Hello Kitty stickers
• epoxy resin
• UV nail lamp
• polymer clay
• light clay
• cardboard glossy box
• foil
• paper maché
• red velveteen
• pink cloth
• foam paper
• shoe washers
• felt bows
• flower bead
• box outline
• cinnabons
• LOL twins body
• mass for modeling
• skull applique
• collar
• textured and regular foam paper
• plastic cover
• pop tube
• sharpener parts
• notebook sheet
• printed cover
• crepe paper
• cap from a pen or marker
• gauze
• Elmer's glue
• ribbons
• metal hooks
• middle roll from tape
• half beads
• cake figurines
• slices of toy berries
• Christmas lights

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Wheel with materials need polymer clay cut off the flagellum.

A kitty is assembled from the details.

Bake it in the oven done stuck so many chewing gums.

It suits the kitty.

Draw a muzzle with whiskers blue jumpsuit assemble the unfolding of the package.

Funko Pop Kitty will please the little ones the girls playing with their dolls in the schoolyard look.

What my parents bought me, wow, beautiful doll you haven't seen mine, yet also my new thing off.

That's Funko Pop can I touch it yeah, unbelievable big deal, let's throw potatoes at them.

Let's go hey! Shame on you! There's your toy! It's coming behind you! No! You are playing with us.

What thank you.

She was a candidate for a new role.

Do you want to be Hello Kitty, yay yay, the cat has white hair cut out a t-shirt.

Try it on okay cut out blanks, add straps decorate it with buttons.


Let's make shoes make the platform with light clay squeeze out white glue, soak the napkins in it light clay crumple, the foil ball, wrap the frame with it change the head, a pair of ears bow and a flower sweet face, Hello Kitty herself, the bullies did not like a real Hello.

Kitty walked onto their sight.

What I can't believe my eyes, hello, girls, get away from us.

Oh don't pay attention, it's mostly their gang hanging around here.

It's time to draw graffiti wow.

It worked out great karomi, who is this? The leader of Our Gang they have yet to meet.

Let's go to the kitchen.

Take flower, pour it into a bowl.

Spoonful of Sugar.

Add milk, a bit of oil.

Let's knead the dough ready roll it out in the form of a sausage roll, the strips of dough into Cinnabons.

Let's put it in the oven, they're ready cover with sweet, frosting yummy.

Let's create a box scan pack, the buns in a box, everyone loves sweet Cinnabons.

The students are preparing for the lesson.

Oh Kitty did something happen, I prepared a surprise for you.

Oh interesting I'll get it out of the locker now Sit Up on branded cinnamon rolls mmm yummy.

Thank you very much.


There are two rolls left, I'll put it in a locker.

Oh, what get it? Oh well.

I have my suspicions.

Dolly come with us put on a tight, fitting jumpsuit.

We got the frame of the head, a pair of ears, karomi's muzzle and the legendary skull hey.

It doesn't work a collar with beads a pair of shoes.

A tail kiromi is the exact opposite of Hello Kitty art class has started good morning.

Everyone- hmm, oh, no kiromi late again! Oh I'm here try to be on time, young, lady, okay.

So the topic of the lesson is nature.

I'll pass the sheets.

Thank you good.

It turned out cute.

There is clearly no inspiration today.

Let's look at your work, wow! Oh, what a beauty! Oh and what's that kuromi you did it again: cool Skull huh, go to the principal's office now and don't miss me.

What do I do with her Sven? Are you here? Will you give us some fur comb? The fur cut out the details.

Add the details of the muzzle send the fabric to the washing machine foreign comfortable, handle decorate the handbag with a bow stylish cute accessory.

The lessons are over hi I'm, your biggest fan, what a cool bag wow nice did you like the bag yeah take it I have a lot of them seriously.

Uh-Huh! Look what she gave me wow, you're, lucky, oh, what's inside spider, they left the bag fake spider.

Is it not real yeah? The girls knew exactly who did this? How many caps, let's take the red one, connect it with top tubes, mini sharpeners, add Hello Kitty stickers fill the organizer cut out the sheet fold it in the accordion like form.

We got a notebook, Hello Kitty stationery set limited edition children good morning.

Everyone check to your assignments.

Today we are doing individual work.

Oh well done Gwen excellent as always nice.

What an F minus we'll see about that kiromi fell off her chair young lady.

What are you doing there I'm here? Take your pens.

I forgot mine at home.

Can I have a spare? Oh yeah, okay, here kuromi do not lose it yeah yeah! Let's see what Gwen has wow wow great job, you are making progress.

Well done.

Kiromi, it worked.

What's up, take a sheet of foam paper bend the folds.

We got a skirt draw white inserts the glue spilled, but the fabric remained.

Let's add a red print, Hello Kitty, icon fold.

The paper rub it on a grater, assemble pom-poms.

Cheerleaders uniforms are ready: team, Hello, Kitty and team kiromi.

There is a cheerleading training in the gym girls I'm, giving you pom-poms.


Finally, repeat: the Learned combo, okay, Kitty sped up so much that she hit the ring with her hand.

Oh my goodness, oh poor thing you did too much.

Don't worry! I'll! Take you to the nurse's office.

Okay, choose the cap of the marker Mark, the lane sand, the edges, a drop of Elmer's Glue, apply it to the tube wrap it with a bandage decorate it with Kitty ribbon a cast, will immobilize the injured arm, so good it'll be okay, relax.

What if it's broken? Oh, what happened? My arm hurts.

Oh, it's a spring! I will have to get you a cast.

We have a special bandage.

It suits your look.

Do you want us to paint your cast yeah good best friends.

Take spools from duct tape, wrap it in foam paper cut out, streaks of frosting decorate the cake make tears, add decor.

There are figurines of girlfriends at the top put it in a lamp cake of friendship and pretty lights.

Kiromi decided to surprise her friend.

So, let's decorate the hall.

Girls are a big help.

They brought a cake, wow wonderful, well done.

Confectioners Kitty is coming soon get to your places.

Here we are open your eyes.

Surprise! Kitty! The party is for you.

Thank you, I love it so much and now the cake is that us thanks a lot I'm so happy.

They managed to become best friends.

Hi viewers, disassemble the ball into hemispheres.

She has a baby bump outline the template.

What strings will we take sew? The halves? Let's try a new thing.

Let's add a belt cups on the tummy is the Hello Kitty logo.

Hello Kitty is expecting a baby.

The girls went shopping, nice shop, wow, it's beautiful, oh, look, wonderful, dresses, wow! That's my favorite color I need to try this on.

Oh, it doesn't fit girls help now.

Now we can't oh what's wrong with it.

Let's try some others, maybe this or this, let's try it well.

What's going on there just a little bit.

Oh no apparently I just need a maternity store.

Let's go look meet karomi.

Let's add black accents.

Compare it with the picture.

It's the exact copy cut out the color ready it's time to dress up total black bat slippers.

That's lovely kiromi is also expecting a baby.

What a big Happy Meal I ate so much even my stomach is swollen I should stretch.

The coach is just recruiting.

Students, hey I, want a healthy body.

You seem motivated wow, good job.

I suggest start with a treadmill, easy and efficient kiromi sped as much as she could faster forward, go faster few.

What a session you are amazing! Well, the tummy didn't shrink at all.

Oh cute, kids, hmm I, guess I'm pregnant! That's the clue.

There was a sharpener lying around in the pencil case.

Take transparent plastic glue.

The body choose paint cover the work piece, too lazy to unravel the headphones.

No problem, Nippers connect the wires with the tube.

An ultrasound machine will help doctors see more.

There was a line at the doctor's office.

When does the office open? How long are we supposed to wait? Kitty and kurumi also came for a checkup hello, we're here for our appointment a come into the office.

Thank you.

What can I help you with? It will be mom soon.

Oh, congratulations.

Please lie down on the couch.

Does it hurt? Oh, no, it's a simple ultrasound! Well! Well, let's see uh-huh.

Why are you looking at my head? I'm pregnant? Oh, yes, hmm! Oh someone is moving there.

Obviously there's a baby in there.

My turn, hmm strange vibrations, ow the nurse was thrown to the floor.

Are you okay? Yes, sorry such interesting babies open the LOL package, cut the picture in too prepare the materials.

Half kiromi and half Hello Kitty, the girls decided to have a gender reveal party.

All guests are present: where are the mothers late? We've been waiting for ages, hello, everyone! Well, it's time to find out.

Who will be, born I got the bad.

It was first I want to do it she doesn't have enough strength.

The pinata is still intact.

Now you try it okay Kitty swung well blow another blow stronger try together exactly we'll double our strength yeah.

It worked.

What do we see here Yahoo kiromi is having a boy and kitty will have a girl congratulations moms are happy what good news hooray they will definitely get along there are our kids let's enlarge the figurines condense the silhouette wrap the circle with a cord let's build blocks of Styrofoam paste with glitter foam paper Hello Kitty and kiromi photo Zone you can take a lot of funny pictures here girlfriends went for a walk in the park Mmm delicious ice cream but what shall we do so many new.

Rides we're pregnant, but okay, let's try, hey I'm, a rock climber! Oops, it doesn't work.

Okay! This attraction is not for us wow.

Look at the cool photo zones.

This is exactly for us.

Let's take a picture! Oh! Let's! Swap hmm! The tummy! Won't get through again.

Everything gets in the way.

Are we gonna be left without a photo? Let's try.

Let me give it a shot.

Oops kuromi's tummy made a hole in the photo Zone wow, it's a bad idea, but it's better than nothing.

Oh wow, lovely I have to capture this strike a pose girls.

The photo session was still a success.

Plastic cap with an owl glue, a circle of foam paper.

Straws will come in handy thread.

The wire all glitter is in jars.


Fill the containers connect the wiring.

A rainbow dropper with a sweet solution will help restore strength.

The nurse had a hard day, phew I need to rest get looped on my smartphone off the end of the shift is soon help the baby.

It's about I couldn't be so simple.

We need a doctor, it's about to happen.

I'm coming I'll, get you a screen.

The nurse did her best this time.

Here is your baby.


You became a mother I'm, so happy.

She is just lovely.

Now, let's give mom and baby some Sweet Water, it will give you strength and energy.

Hello Kitty loves everything rainbow yum yum delicious.

Let's get a baby.

There are a pair of ears on her head black collar with a beads and a black diaper.

Baby kiromi is an exact copy of money.

Hello, Kitty and kiromi are complete opposites.

The kitty keeps her room and span and her neighbor made a real mess.


Kiromi brings destruction.

Toys are flying in all directions.

How do you manage to live in cleanliness? I'm just pulling everything here.

Are the toys teach me here? Look all toys in one chest, it's time to put things back too, all in piles.

Oh, thank you! No problem! Your cubes still need to be picked up that won't.

Do oh kiromi Jr couldn't live well, it became too boring for him.

The room is in chaos again.

What have you done? I've just cleaned everything up, but, alas, kids are too different.

Take a plastic.

Skewer form horns.

Let's conjure wings borrow us a pen, please decorate the wings bend the Halo a set for an angel and a demon.

Kids are having fun.

What do you think they will give us I, don't know kids happy birthday we have prepared presents for you to each a set, devil and angel.

Let's put on a show.

The whole stage is for us.

We fly I'm a cunning demon, huh the kids swirled and got in the roll great gifts.

We have the best moms cut out printed tickets.

This will be enough for everyone fold.

The envelope ready.

We need to insert tickets decorate it with lace.

Add a feather.

The kids will be thrilled.

It's time to please you, babies, surprise unpack the envelope.

Well, what is there, what wow tickets to Disneyland? Did you like it? Let's go? Have fun, don't forget the tickets, take a seat son.

Are you comfortable honey, mom's put the children on the ride, the kids are having fun and laughing kiromi and kitty are happy.

Someone left, colorful eggs, wow fabric, two pieces, soft pajamas with a hood like clay ball, tear off a piece roll it we got a tuft make a beat a pair of eyes.

Batched Maru is a cute chicken, uh I have a beautiful garden.

Flowers need water.

What an awful day whoa were you, okay and, of course the pigeon tagged me I'll wipe it off.

Oh, he would need a bubble bath.

Maybe then you'll cheer up sit here.

Let's Dive In! Here you go clean, look at a towel.

You won't freeze what a cutie chick and now a delicious Shake help yourself.

What like clay should we choose spread a lump, make the form from the inside.

Let's put it in the yolk, it looks like a real egg.

Wow it's covered in chocolate, wrap it in foil, Kinder, surprise, Easter, edition, I, wonder! What's inside nice, walk right, bats, Maru, yeah, just worked up an appetite.

I want something: sweet, I have a magical house: let's take a look wow a huge Kinder, let's eat, half I will share friends ate too much.

Oh, my tummy is so full.

Is it possible to overeat sweets? What's in the yolk wow? Who are you it's kuropy baby? How did you get in there? A huge roll of foil tear it up, make a ball.

Gotcha cover the frame with light clay attach the head there's a pair of ears at the top.

Let's draw the eyes: yellow nose, cut out the collar perfect.

A flower completes the look Meet My, Melody, hi My Melody is very talented.

She loves to draw karaoke Give me some red.

Oh thanks, buddy, the Masterpiece is almost finished.

Hello, hello, Easter is just around the corner.

Let's decorate eggs, oh okay, the girls began to paint eggs.

Let everyone draw their pattern.

I'll have flowers and I'll have a skull wow.

Let's swap okay, the girls gave each other Easter eggs.

Oh egg, nice shades cover the blanks with an ornament, make a basket line it up in a circle.

It remains to decorate, let's add a handle, a full basket of Easter eggs, a traditional element of the holiday.

How are you? Preparations are in full swing? Girls, it's bad! The eggs are all over the yard.

Can you help me collect them.

Sounds like a Quest challenge accepted.

Let's find everything.

Let's go, there's something there.

Oh thanks, baby.

Let's check out the flower Fountain, oh good, catch lucky.

Where are the others hmm at the very top of the tree? Oh no problem! Well, the basket is full yeah.

Well done.

She was a broken doll.

She has a new role, need the light clay form.

A new body, wire Loop, fill it with hot glue.

We got a flexible ear cover it with acrylic paint, draw muzzle and eyes cinnamon roll fancy seeing you here.

He is a Great Baker, welcome to the Hello Kitty cafeteria.

What should I order? I need to look everywhere.

Donuts! No, don't like that unicorn.

What would you like to eat the fresh, pastries, hmm and then what croissants and brownies I want this? Oh here it is Cinnabons exactly what is needed.

Oh it's too high the dog took off.

Oh I got it I need to feed my friends guys I brought some goodies.

Let's have an Easter picnic.

Great idea.

Wooden rings use a brush wow how many Forest Finds twist it around a little Moss willows and Hello Kitty beads good job thanks what a lovely wreath, let's make Easter wreaths great idea: I brought the greens and I brought the twigs twig, fencing, okay time to work.

Look what I got and I did my best.

Let's add details.

Thank you.

Two of these in the center and I have skulls.

We are amazing, glitter foam paper cut out the rectangle hole.

Puncher help me out.

We got color, refills lay them out on a pallet cut.

The wire a set of bright face paintings will help to realize creative ideas, mmm so warm time to change.

Kitty was relaxing on a chase, Hello Kitty.

What are you doing here? Who's there? Oh My Melody join me baby.


Look at that tummy! Look! What I've got! Let's decorate the tummy I have an idea: wow cool Melody, Drew, an Easter egg.

It's beautiful, I love it Bunny Bop.

Will you share with lalalu? The bottom will come in handy.

Let's prepare the petals.

Let's add a stem decorate.

The top of the umbrella fix it.

On top.

There is a braid with pom-poms along the edges.

We got a nice little umbrella.

My Melody is relaxing in the park.

Reading a book hi sorry I'm late help yourself.

Thank you.

Suddenly, a strong wind picked up.

The book was Swept Away by a powerful gust.

Oh no ice cream, followed it up bad weather.

Oh no! Oh! What is it the wind brought the umbrella right into my Melody's hands? Oh just in time oh I'm, Blown Away by the wind kuromy, save me I'm flying whoa I.

Have you I Won't Let Go cinnamon roll? Are you there help us down on my way the girls sank into the clearing you.

What an adventure? Thank you, buddy, wow, an Easter tree, So, Many, Colors, blue purple, mint, pink paint, the eggs with cute patterns.

Let's add a Hello Kitty face adorable bows, there's a surprise.

Hidden in the ordinary eggs, Hello Kitty came to the market, happy Easter.

We sell holiday, Eggs and More.

Would you like an egg interesting? Let me see Tommy, oh.

What is this? What wonderful eggs? What happened wow? How did they get here? Get back to your places, phew! So relieved! Kitty? Are you all right? Babies have arrived kids, where hmm, maybe around here somewhere.

Not here.

Oh look, I found it.

You mixed these up with Easter eggs.

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