learning rust with rustlings! (2023)


I didn't do my homework so I remember nothing from the previous Rust class. Help me, rustlings sensei!

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/virtualharby

Rustlings: github.com/rust-lang/rustlings
PC & table by @mirumirumirumo_: booth.pm/en/items/3039587
Milo meme drink by @VanillaTea_er
BGM: Stream Cafe (open.spotify.com/artist/13NHv4p9Hont1R3ojmGJz7)
Intro music: Singing ghost by @Koshumumu
Stinger: @Nitrovis


Foreign, thank you, foreign foreign foreign, thank you, foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, hello, sorry, I'm, late, I'm, sorry, hello in the house, hello, hello, coffee, Hello, Kitty, oh bye, Noah, foreign, so I have wrestlings I, set up on GitHub coach spaces.

I, don't remember what why I couldn't do this live stream because it was two weeks ago and I have a really short-term memory.

So hopefully this works I have not like fully tested.

It I hope it worked.

The stream Harmony sound, different I, don't know like see.

Here's the thing: okay, usually stream highways stream highways like reacting to things a lot, but like video ideas to like write a script and then read for my script: I guess: I'm, not very good.

At like reading from a script, I just sent me the phone number.

No, it's for um, so I disabled, it uh.

It was gift part.

They required a phone number right.

Why didn't I use GitHub coach spaces did I not see the button I.

Don't remember why I didn't use this how's, my health, this week, I'm okay, I, didn't yesterday after I uh finished the QR code, video, the latest one, which you should watch with the command new read after I finish, the video I suddenly had a coughing fit and I'm like.

Oh, no This is How.

I died, but I did not in fact I feel normal, so I don't think I'm sick, maybe just a little overwatched good, yeah I'm.

So sorry, can you know me I'm, sorry, everybody! You got it sorry to everybody on YouTube.

You can't see them all right here we are.

This is the read me: I hope it works.

I did not really test it.

Mine will turn into meme uh.

This is John, mine, I forget the name, but it's in the YouTube description, right, greetings and welcome to Rice Wings.

This project contains small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rush cards.

I have forgotten, like literally everything, from like my previous Rush stream.

I legitimately did not remember anything like nothing at all.

Nothing, nothing about crabs in in my brain right now, hey all right! Anyway, I've already uh so last time, I think we were looking at uh the rushed dogs and do we also use wrestling example.

I, don't remember yeah yeah, but this is why, like when I write code for myself, I usually add like a crap ton of comments, but then it's always that one part that I the most important part that I forget to put any comments around it.


Thank you.

Thank you, hello, world in restaurants, I'm sure you remembering that I, don't remember anything sheesh, yeah I! Remember you guys who are like yeah this.

This part of Restaurant is almost good.

This part skip it.

Okay, this part, you gotta, read carefully this time.

It's 12 a.m.

For you and good morning, Papa Microsoft bought what the hell is.

Microsoft Bob, seeing my last comedian gig, okay, I'm better than having like organized commits, so how much? How much? Oh, no, the Wikipedia speaking of the QR code, who was it uh one of the comments on my YouTube videos? It was like why didn't you use a URL shortener so that you're Michael cure cookie Studio URL I am so foolish I? Could have used the URL shortening for now Microsoft Bob is a Microsoft software product intended to provide a more user-friendly interface for Windows 3.

on next Windows 95 and Windows NT wow.

It was released in March, 11 1995.

wow, presented screens showing your house with rooms at the you right.

Oh thank you.

Let me let me quickly.

I know I'm immediately distracted, but I need to see what Microsoft Bobby's.

Oh, that's a cute dog hello, be out of the room come on 1995.

I was gonna, say this looks like it's from me like 2 000, so I guess it looks very very like you know, Advanced, for each time immediately, I mean for every topic.

There is an additional read me file with some resources to get.

You started on the topic.

The way three, oh we're both 3.1 wow.

It was yelling at me.

Here we go it's the last, actually, the meaning of metal oxide, and yes, we are learning how metal oxidized is correct and also about the video game mask or maybe the programming language, hello, I'm, procrastinate 96 of time, no idea why I'm not fired yet well.

Clearly, you are very efficient because you finish your work in just four percent of the time foreign we run automatically every time we change your filing the exercises, slash directory.

If you only want to do it once you can use Russian experience, then quizzes.

Oh, my God, this is exactly like homework.

Oh the disappears, I, don't I, don't know the first time, so I can't sing it.

Sorry, thank you.

Registering High, dumps, I! Think that's gonna, be so difficult.

Three letters, ain't no way it's probably like being squatted on, and someone will probably ask for like a thousand or a million dollars for each eye.

So we should do this wrestling Swatch, hello, um, hello, and welcome to wrestling this exercise container, compiler or logic area.

The central concept behind Mustangs is to fix these days.

Okay, so we're learning by fixing it you think lightning, Rush doesn't even Marvel online.

Oh you want to drink the meat juice.

Okay hold on wait a minute here you go well, that's enough! That's enough mean juice, don't overdose! It's not healthy good night.

Thank you for stopping by kill yourself.

Hello, googly exercise is intro.

Oh there's an inch going forward.

The size of the exercise will always be in the success: failure, output, Angel Ross uses print and print my grocery I.

Don't know why I keep flip-flopping between seeing macros and macros.

That goes to bring taxi to the console yup.

We saw this there's a lot of reading about this.

I am not done doing it.

Sometimes you cause you to try keep trying things on a given exercise, even after you, even after you already figured it out.

If you got everything working and feel ready for the next exercise, you know that I am not done, comment below pink and give me a hint yeah remove.

The comment did I pronounce it wrong.

I'm, sorry, I'm, not good at honking.

That's a lot of reading.

I ain't got time to rtfm ain't.

Nobody got time for that.

Oh goodly, you're, gonna start playing otherwise soon good choice.

Okay, I'm running this using Mustangs watch.

The exercise file will be.

We love it when you change one of the lines below try, adding a print line or try changing what the output to your terminal try, removing a semicolon all right, I removed.

It just complain, complain about it.

Sometimes I, don't know sheesh I, guess that was too easy of it.

Why is this print line not have a semicolon at the end of it not soon I know the primary's body has been on my wishlist, my only Year, my wallet just doesn't want to cooperate.

Wait is it expensive, I feel bad now for receiving you for free foreign like I? Have this is there's no semicolon here, I mean all right.

We already know our print language.

We can just move on now.

What oh? No! This is why okay I already did that? Oh, no, oh! No! What do I have to do foreign? Yes, if there is no semicolon the return value of the statement becomes the return value of the function.

Okay, so like.

If we have a function and like we wanted to return one so we'll just put so okay.

So, for example, if we have a function like returning one can we do this? Is that correct hello, yeah I heard you are learning right, I'm sure you're in like miles ahead of me, but I I have really forgotten.

Everything am I good at cooking, only cooking theories.

Almost someone already took card.b foreign.

It's supposed to go to the next one right.

He still thinks I'm at number one, even though I already removed it, and we watched my favorite song.

Oh this, that's a difficult question.

I I, really like a lot of different types of songs, so my favorite, just kind of depends on like whatever mood I mean I woke up like with the song Cupid stuck in my head, because I think it was Martin's time they asked me to do like a cover of it.

So I've been listening to it when I woke up this morning, I was just like I just had Cupid stuck in my head.

You got paper Pizza.


Can you pay your rent in pizza? Oh thank you.

Thank you.

Yes, just imagine everything is an expression.

You can do a lot of cool.


Comes in that little detail, I see I see, so you don't need to have like a so.

Is there no? Like return key White recently I've been watching uh keep myself season.

Three, no spoilers, no spoilers I I've been watching that I'm not done with it yet you'll know he's spoilers.

Okay, please don't give me a currency.

Listen so I'm probably probably already made a cryptocurrency called Pizza.

It's too easy all right! Well, a lot of people have a lot of opinions about oshinoko, um.

Okay, I need help, though, why? How why is it not progressing? Why I removed it? Well, it's a demon is no I was wondering if they would slay D might Slayer.

How could you spoil it for me? Bang okay feel real.

Why? Why is this not windy? It's, the final match, saving or something I've been spamming control as though hi I'm, GitHub called spaces.

You want to save the smile.

You wanna save this.

Why can't I save the fire foreign because technically they also covering the Moon, the Moon and tree material in season two right, I hate.

How oh wait? That's a spoiler! Okay, okay I need help Has anyone used.

Do you know coach space? Is your boy? Why is this not working? I guess I could manually move on, but then I don't know what happens after intro too hello, zero, zero, hello manga to my friends a long time because they never read it.

Then they suddenly recommended the anime to be a few links around I'm, just like bruh, maybe they're more like Anime people than manga people like when I try to recommend like manga to my version like yeah, but if I recommend any man they might watch it.

So that's annoying! Oh I, don't watch it on Netflix listen! This is one piece we were consider the title of the article spoilers, the one after Entertainment District, the most recent one chapter, 96 and 109 over here.

You remember the chapter in The Machine, all right, but I'm, seeing a lot of High, Praise, Royal, shinoko I know you guys recommended this to me as well.

Like sometime last year, I haven't gotten around to reading it I'm busy.

Okay can I do like do you even like next command or something? Yes, you are correct.

That's good observation, good eye, good eye good night.

No I I did that I I did that, but then it still think someone number one like if I do things, it's still doing some intro one I already removed it.

I'm just manually opened up intro too, so I can look at it, but I don't know what's after intro too, unless you guys can tell me the order in the case, this is how it goes.


I cannot spell ing.

Wrestlings wrestling shoes does not want to work on my streams.

That's it watching a video away.

They put snake the game onto QR code this week, cool yeah, it's weird I, don't know why it's not working here.

Here's my assumption, like it's the final night saving properly or something cool space.

Is why you're doing this anyway, I'm assuming this? How do I run it for a while? Oh I can do this.

Thank you, I I didn't! Next, though, what is doing hello whale hello was always nothing better to yeah.

Make sure you test your backups bye, bringing down production hello.

How do I say your name, risotto, hello, football, I, use code, space for exactly five minutes for cs50 and then gave up on my way, I prefer to use like an online thingy for streaming, because we're not using logo.

I'm I'm, always like very paranoid that I'm gonna actually docs myself, hello foreign.

How do I run just one of them rush things? Oh one, intro, damn it it's not picking up my changes.

Why? Why did you know they can only change it? Oh thank you little cat.

How am I gonna test it? Hello, fish touches number like normal development.

Of course I prefer local.

It's only for streaming that I prefer like on online stuff.

Now it's really the terminal tonight like refresh the terminals, I.

Think foreign, don't tell me, I need to commit every single change, God, damn it right time, uh it's study, time wearing.

Academics am I editing the wrong file, but if the readme said it was rush, things exercise is right.

Oh my God, oh I did this one foreign.

Thank you.

Oh my God well happens.

The best of our sunshine see here's the problem.

I! Don't have eyes yes, come on: let's go I'm only 40 minutes into the stream when I realized I was shaking the room.

Only 40 minutes yeah.

Let's go all right, wearables one all right: let's do a hint all right, I should look at the wings foreign it's cold.

Space is still free.

I did not pay money, so I hope it is.

If GitHub sent me a bill right now, I'm gonna be like hello.

Your brother love, please, hello, wait your your brother, please hello! I! Do this one leg! He said we need back yeah all right.

Next, all right the compiler message: why did the music stop? Why? Why must I be praised by technical issues? What's wrong with your Spotify um Spotify is broke by my side, because I Spotify, you done being a little [, __ ], sheesh, okay, wait! A second I was like wait.


You can hear my fan.

Oh no I'm gonna get docked by the frequencies.

That might finish, and then it was you I'm not committing licensed fraud.

It's just alternative licensing.

Thank you for the following me so tall.

Thank you, hello.

Nice inspired! No! My deceased Square much is your screen.

What is that a reference to something? Why excuse me? Nobody informed me about this.

What am I saying that Russ cannot invite the time that's available by any actual hi everybody's giving here, because you just have my Edge 97 197.

97 9.

What am I supposed to do? It should be a nine right.


Innovators are awesome.

I keep hearing that I'm.

Also looking forward to my legendary battle with me, whatever checker.

What's the thing that everybody kept complaining about, it was a promise.

Someone gave it a commission to spit on working with us foreign classic classic all right.

How do I annotate sorry I'll turn on battery there, but cold spaces doesn't really like dark readers.

It might look a bit weird later laughs, I'm, saying he's gonna release a new Twitter I must say: he's gonna kick his ass in the MMA.

Now, there's gonna be a joke.

Right is today April 1st another wheelchair gotta be a joke.

Mario chapter of of battle will be legendary foreign.

It's real I, don't want to what.

Why are we in this time? Why are we in the timeline where Elon, Musk and Mark Zuckerberg doesn't mean an enemy battle? Why laughs? My trucks are kind of scary.

Oh, no, even things! This is scary.

What am I doing monkeys has a blank belt in my shirt, I'm watching a cute programmer girl in one window and catching up the Russian Civil War in another yeah.

Why not life living life to your fullest? This is why this is what multi-moditor setups were invented for, don't tell me someone's standing by another millionaire boo.

That's so boring find your own battle.

Thank you waste the time annotation.

How do I add the time like this I'm tiny, too foreign I I need to read, but this is the stream of hardly not reading properly and complacency.

No, no, no Jewish! Well, fine! I'm! Not in the wrong side.

I know: I, don't have to I just want to learn how to do it.

Oh wait.

When did I put your hair was choice.

Oh my God, oh, my God am I, not embarrassed myself.

Okay, I need to calm down.

Let me get a drink of water.

Okay, everybody likes calm down.

Calm down drink some water, three, two one come back, so if you declaring you have to initialize it consider a signing of it.

Mommy amazing.

She wanted me to do yeah.

What, if it's a different kind? Oh foreign and JavaScript will just be like here's.

The output, not a number and I'm like well I I did I did print hello world.

What do you mean nothing? Other languages, we like exemption value, error myself, very gentle exceptions as well.

Please watch my program, whereas in my video you're going down segmentation of our toy dumped unexpected get index on your final undefined reading.

Now welcome idea expected due to this look at this they're.

So that's why I was expecting this look at this.

Oh, it's so cute they're like yeah I'm, expecting it they said.

I know I, know the head.

You know your eyes.

You should cut with a like mono space font.

What are you so mad? Like looks like coding with like a non-mono space wand, then the underlying wouldn't be that nice I really want to learn, and usually the best way to learn is to fail so I'm intentionally.

Officially, a lot of things no I always had those specifying like size of the integer foreign.

If I don't like specify, I could and I'm going to get the correct file variables.

Three primary social.

Do that on recently is that song yeah yeah.

Exactly thank you.

You can see more at 10 I eat.

Oh really, I always go back to this.

One I need to try hold on that's cool, but when I see eye of their number, usually I'm.

Thinking about goddamn.

Like me, like imaginary number, I I was going to number three.

Oh also underscores I, see I, see, wait, hang on um, I gotta break these hot Todd, please what foreign foreign foreign that you use for coding is very important when you can do some really interesting art with rash typing.

Thank you.

Oops I really know mine, but I really need question.

Mark oh yeah, I've heard about this all right.

Let me try it.

Thank you, foreign.

Let me find a great question.

Mike hold on hi I want a great question.

Mike, don't give me no steering column.

Give me a great question Mike.

Thank you.

Unicorn character.

Great question Mark looks like semicolon, but it is not useful.

It is not foreign and then the other eye is crying.

Oh yeah.

Thank you.

Daddy compiler is such a bruh and so polite.

Imagine Microsoft Bob talking about hey.

When are you asking coffee? Are you really need something else? I, don't understand! Your question am I considered a cake.

I don't know.

Do you guys like cake I? It doesn't really matter to me.

I I just want to stream on a place where you guys are comfortable, but I also don't want to be on like 50 places so that I can like Focus properly right.

Oh, it makes the text move the other way.

I see I, see ah I, see I, see.

Okay, thank you for explaining it yeah I, guess that that might mean why they don't allow unicorn.

That is all you want me to do.

Give it a value all right, sheesh, I'm done thanks all right.

I'm, not gonna change.

Uh x equals to five mute I.

Remember you mute yeah foreign foreign like if twitch really doesn't want me around I'm, okay, with just being on YouTube and wearables 4.

We already learned how to make an immutable variable mutable using a special keyword.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help like as much in this exercise, because you want to assign a different kind of value to an existing variable.

Sometimes you might also like your videos and kissing bearable news, because you're just comforting better to different times scheduling.

Let me open this.

Oh I'm always worried when I have to open something is excited about shadowing.

It's like selling the guessing game, tutorial chapter 2, which I did not see.

Thank you.

Actually, you still like a game.

What interesting wait? What's the I want to see the compiler area for you? Okay, it doesn't tell you about shadowing bye.

Oh my God, the craft High mine is here.

Everybody loves shadowing yeah, my station next to her.

The best thing about rice is on the CD.

The rushed hive mind I, see you later Maggie like this.

Every single Rush station just have like the exact same opinions about everything in Rust I've.

Never seen you guys disagree on anything in Rush.

All of you have like exactly the same when people have high mindness in real nice to meet you.

Okay, all right constantly see mute.

The volume that you played a cute costume and Q and let's punched in times, has also always be Entertainer.

Okay, I guess, because they're conscious, you need to make sure they type this correct, Shelley's supported by Airline, but it gives you compile warning because you never want to eat.

Is that sure foreign might be dangerous, but I'm assuming the crab hive mind just.

Why am I just a bunch of all the cars to promote rust, it's possible after all of my channels are bought, so are they not I I was just too lazy to to create a completely different set up preferences for each spot.

So all of you just have the same personality and interest ing to read out those examples out loud, but I've read them.

Thank you.

Those are good examples.

Thank you right.

Oh you can make it no longer beautiful.

Oh that's! Pretty cool now just charge it [, __ ] it open it.

I! Just rushed with my life laughs, yeah I can definitely see the use case for a shadowing I.

Don't think I'll remember to use it, but it's definitely interesting foreign foreign.

If I put mute there, oh it tells you to try to stand against it.

I just wanted to see how it would complain.

You know how, in like some games, you have like an option like option a option b.

Usually when I play those games, it is convenient for me.

I'll shave right before choosing the option.

So I can also pick the other like terrible option to see what the dialogue would be.

I realize I'm doing that now, I'm just intentionally screwing things out, so I can see what the air, oh, who was, giving a rushed hot.


Let's see if the the crab hive mind disagree said exiles.

The language was designed of user feedback in mind from the groundhog.

Is that sure interesting I would think there would be like too many conflicting opinions for it Friday to be like a reasonable way to do it like when I say, like 51 of the population.

Once wants you to write a certain way and then 49 percent of it wanting to win the otherly, even if you pick the most popular one, there's still going to be like 49 of people who don't mind, games foreign, why am I opening it? Yeah I saw my kids just pick the the timeline where everybody agrees with you easy come on.

Call me: oh wow, that's very far away: don't you can I, do it after I'm cool honey song? Is my new phone? Thank you.

Oh this is your function, cause I wanna! That's that's pretty good! That's really good to like the programmer pickup line.

That was pretty good guess why someone's gonna like do it on Tinder, so they can post it on programming humor, which I, don't think exists right now, hello to you, I was guessing you're, not late, but the human's been going off right, a lot longer than I expected.

Oh sheesh, all right, it's okay! After the initial hiccup of the first 40 minutes, at least it's awake, oh I came back.

It came back.

I didn't know that oh I was gonna, make a video about some stuff, but if it's bad I have to change I like oh, it's spoilers, oops, no, no spoilers for Highway videos from each other variables to function.

Yeah two most requires that all parts of a function signature have time.


What? If you don't put this I just want to see what the average foreign things got? A little messy and people were quite upset.

They said it's widely being regarded as a bad mush.

What language do I come from um, the very first, the very first thing that I tried to do is like change a HTML on our website, so that I guess sorry for [ __ ] answers.

Oh I actually also learned Titan on stream.

Kinda I did a bunch of like Clash of code streams in Python until I was familiarized with painting I used to inspector I, used it to play pranks on people.

I know.


If I tell you guys this story, but I would basically go into like random like tabloid website and then I would change like I'll just write like a stupid headline about one of my friend's favorite celebrities and they screenshot it I sent it to them and they'll just be like.

Oh my God, it's on the it's on the website, foreign that was kind of my first language.

Changing I didn't even change the tags.

I only changed the lights inside of the peak time and I'll take a pie thing.

No, no I'm, lazy, I'm, not ain't.

Nobody got time for that.

One person I started.

You should do I checked at one.

You need to have an addition, Builders chapter Factory interface.

What are you doing? You need the Enterprise version of iPhone come on foreign used to be like really into like a celebrity, and she would get really upset if the celebrity got uh, if they, if that celebrity, was like interacting with another female celebrity and then recently her favorite celebrity got caught in, like I say recently, I said like when I did that prank reason till that to that prank and her favorite celebrity got into like a bit of a scandal celebrity and she was really upset about it.

So I went on to the timeline website and I.

Just wrote like a headline that was like celebrity name, a celebrity named confirmed.

They were Danny and about to get married and I sent it to her.

She was so upset.

She was just like spamming in captions in her messages to me like what what I'm doing she was like.

Why can't I find my information foreign? Does anyone remember what I got did I get evil I'm, always feeling I'm, I'm kind of like a true neutral, but I feel like the quizzes.

Don't really agree with me they're, so good uh need to be more information.

Yeah I am kind of neutral.

Don't you think alignment chaotic? That's yours! That's your line, but not mine.

I I was trying to do a link, but I forgot that I can't wink.

Imagine I'm winking, okay, foreign, this one! Oh you didn't put behind! You went okay, do you want me to do anything else? I even called chaotic, neutral I took it as a compliment me.

What's annoying, what's a funny number we can put in here fun, that's not a funny number! That's a random number, but all right.

Let's move on you believe it or scientifically the funniest number to at least four.

The shadow marks seriously have a funny number two, but I would say 80s a little funnier than zero because it is zero wearing about sorry, a joke.

Wasn't that good! What's must must is a programming language for the funniest [ __ ] I've ever seen.

Oh, are we having a sale foreign Ty I mean you could pick up a hobby or like a new skill? So at least like you know, you can be unborn and also pick up and get better or something I'm, not good.

At talking that is so funny, oh, my God 17.

yep 917 checks out foreign.

Thank you.

What did they say in the hint again all right, coffee question in the afternoon when you've worked on something really cool, take a break and then wake up from a Netflix, Halloween boy then take another nap.

Yo your day already sounds more productive than mine.

He is my favorite ballot number I'm more of a fan of I I, like the imaginary.

All right, let's continue functions.

Five, oh we're about to finish functions.

That Konami was talking about most distinguishes between expressions and statements.

Expressions return, the value based on their operands and same assembly return on time, which behaves just like avoid and see you mean wrestling Speed, Run, I'm I'm, definitely not getting like a world championship time.

This can't be negative taxes because I'm watching Jaime, you're learning English your English sounds really good, though also I'm, not sure.

If it's good to learn English from me, because apparently I have a strange accent and also recently I have released.

I might not be nearly the channel to be watching if you want to learn English.

Maybe that's the trick if you can understand what I'm saying you might be able to understand, like other people, speaking English, because it's hard for me to enunciate currently with my lease see one, let's see one, he said on the level, your accent is the most unique all right.

We want to return the value of eye baby two-time from the Square from humans.

Returning uh cool C1 is a high level.


How do I check what level I know I'm getting distract them, but I need to know how do I check what level this is.

C1 toys finds the proficient uses of the language.

Unevil is able to perform car parts related to work and study, and this A1 A2 B1, B2 and C1 C2 am I a human I ate basic user B, independent user and she's proficient user I place.

You remember he or she can understand a wide range of more demanding long attacks and recognize implicit meaning in them.

Oh can express themselves fully and spontaneously without much obvious searching for the right expression can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.

Now I see two they can understand is practically everything they hear or read.

Okay, summarize information and arguments from different spoken and writing sources and present them coherently and cosineously can I express themselves spontaneously very fluently and precisely differentiating finding shades of meaning, even in more complex situations, honestly death.

Do you you really need to continue studying, I feel like you're already there I imagine, yeah.

Obviously, I use llms, remember you're, all just watching by me.

Humans, don't watch my streams.

All of you, I just bought foreign participating in more complicated specialized discussions, definitely see.

Sorry I was thinking of the like.

The under the sea, Pennywise like the sea language, a program we see, I'm, not gonna, sing the rest of it because YouTube's someone doesn't like it: oh yeah, the who's, not a human he's, a dragon yeah, it's all if conditions under the hood debugger should Chase your family.

Thank you.

Oh you little boxer is so cute sign.

We can't pass you you're.

Actually just people who speak English, don't talk like this they're for you, hi we're done with the functions.

Korean I'm, not here tiger yeah.

Definitely did you noisy we're in the conditionals is the most basic, but still surprisingly, racist, High type of control for hi.

What did you say? Googly party party yeah, those Springs, don't sound like weeds, so you guys are already used to this.

My vocal Timber all right.

The turnery can I do a tinery in Rust foreign oops, pink, yeah, okay, hi I should have just read the sheets they gave me hi I feel like that's, not really a tinary may I leave.

To be honest.

I do think that after I got my lease, my enunciation really like went downhill, so I do feel like I'm a lot harder to understand now.

Maybe I should try speaking more slowly so that I can take more time to enunciate properly I'm really sick.

I really like turning me.

So I, like abusing tiny statements, is just a normal.

If statement I said I'm at the pants by clapping, I, see big slowly speak slowly and enunciate I shall be more ESL friendly when I speak slowly and enunciate see when, when I'm tall guy, basically talk like a machine gun, toys, I, don't know I.

Guess like, like you guys already know: I, don't really talk outside of streaming, so I'm used to just like so when I, when I talk during streams I'm, basically just giving you like my full stream of Consciousness and I, think a lot faster than I speak.

Oh thank you for the following three two three four I know I should be but I know it's weep.

I know it's weed, oh and then I kind of like next inches.

It's fun.

It's like a challenge.

I I! Don't think you should do that in like real real actual code by The Challenge, nothing turning! This is really fun.

You're consonants, thanks to a palate.

What's power toe for Eagles one, two, three foreign foreign foreign website now I have to go there and be distracted.


Why does PHP give three? Oh of course someone immediately explained in the comments.

So long all right we're not here to learn PHP we're here in the line rest yep and I like them.

That's the whole point of using them that way.

If we didn't like light craze, it's not like very close.

It's like okay, I'm, sorry, message: laughs on the PHP explanation.

All right, maybe I'll do that off stream, but here I rushed right now we're harassing not high PHP I can't like PHP I can't because there's no funny Pine I can then we'll be in Rusty, because I can be hard, it'll be in high Rusty I I, don't have a name for PHP.

Therefore, I cannot learn PHP.

Do you understand my struck all the languages that I learned have to be able to make a stupid nickname with my name I mean: can you act like you're, a rich girl like the pi lady, you mean hey Charlie, lady right, oh, oh, you, patient, I, broke character, really fast kind of Fire.

Ship PHP does showing the least money.

Sorry for the best.

You don't learn it pH happy! No! No! No! No! No! No does not work not funny.


Php just can't be funny.

Unfortunately, I can only learn languages that are funny all right, because I just realized I did a stream of a brain, [, __ ], but there's no there's no joke name for hungry and brain [.

__ ] dream big.

What's dreaming, thank you.

One thing at The, Test passing.

You need a couple of conditions, checking different input, values.

Foreign! Thank you.

Are you seeing Elsa if I'm assuming Hannah foreign, even this is thanks for stopping wait.

Hang on I want to show you guys a dream bird hold on.

Oh, please, okay, so I'm gonna show you guys this [ __ ] constant question can be chasing anyway because things can be reassigned, but not beautiful.

Oh no, constant, comics, that's so weird! This should be false.

This should be false.

Why am I letting rust? Clearly this is the first language not the best of both worlds.

Who should be already starting a 0.5? You need to have the middle grip.

Oh my God.

What's my favorite way, um um, I, guess fine.

My favorite way can be Rachel only slightly more confusing than Hospital.

These are my chops.

Yes, you're cold.

Listen! Every excellent can do that I'm so happy.

The holy language, kinami I, can't say that way, but I'm gonna try anyway I'm immediately scrubbed green tea, though yes, yes, perfect.

Thank you for the fall today.

Next one.

Clearly you follow for my impeccable German pronunciation.

I think you'll be the following way: 21 all right, let's find the edge flash.

It is yeah close enough.

Oh noisy is this that the town name again, foreign dreaming, BRC River, new clay Ashley, my English is suddenly so easy.

Your favorite one is Megan.

Oh I didn't realize we could choose which one different languages like grandstocks, but it's here, foreign, it's too late.

It's already left my mouth I know: I can perfectly speak German.

Yes, it's not made of Minecraft 28 experience required yeah extent.

The [ __ ] really jumped away what what the [ __ ].

What is this black magic? Black magic foreign? Yes, yes, it's Wednesday, I know.

Mickey is Wednesday but I always say it on Saturday, because that's when I stream, oh yeah I keep forgetting some stuff and whatever Sundays.



This is cursed all right.

Everything else I can accept this.

This is cursed.

Absolutely not.

This is the worst language.

Oh my God.

Thank you yeah! That's why I draw the line everything else like I said she said after variable, costumes, floating point away, and this isn't time travel yeah order of operations.

Wait if we do this, how do you assign variables? Oh, my gosh me.

We will call you today.

Listen if, if rust was made like with the community feedback in mind and dream boy was made with community Mimi.

Is this technically the opposite of rust is dreamed by the opposite of rushed I'll invitation.


Thank you.

I was like all right all right, that's kind of funny all right, Lindsay, hahaha, okay for you.

Thank you yeah.

This is the real security issue, also how the devs from different parts of the world work together with three birds come on race.

You know.

Clearly we need one unifying currency that everybody in the world uses.

Bitcoin changes out to bitcoin changes are to bitcoin all right sheesh seriously.

What kind of language are you? Why would you do my body? Oh, don't do that it makes me uncomfortable right, I'm, not just a piece of meat for you to Google.

It start talking about my body like this.

That's body, shaming, foreign programming language until you cater to the QuickBooks I'm suffering.

Now is the email records.

Why hey? If you were just quick, I, see where you should take care of your card, I I felt called out too time travel here we go why foreign machine I keep forgetting these I need, like ending I was like.

Why are you so excited laughs? It's supposed to be hidden.

They hit it.

Oh my God! This is my favorite guitar.

Thank you he's.

So really really.

Can you remind me about that? Lady I'm gonna finish reading this page.

First, you hear me all the Singleton.

All the single tongues are the single touch.

If you like, you use sugar, ah can't think of a panty.

These are all my video ideas.

I daylight savings you a little [ __, ] foreign laughs I'm like dying.

What does he actually kill bad guys? Why, if you can have a vibration, a reversion and then from someone else, have a go-to somewhere in the middle you'll, be stuck in an infinite Loop? Oh, do you bring soccer whatever this? This is.

This is the best foreign to be the worst language ever.

This would be last place, because this is the best language ever I love this.

Thank you, foreign flebees I saw this is mine.

The image that vividly came to my head is the dog in the house on fire.

This is fine.

[, __, ] I feel like that, and they say tired, like which is just that image.

This is you click see.

This is really useful if you are like doing an exam or something- and you don't have that much time left and you're typing furiously, and you just don't manage to finish this- you will still pass.

Thank you hahaha.

They should change this.

Someone I, don't know who's in charge of gift of cold, finally make it so that they have to update their page, not using the word dreams.

Ah, all right, laughs, foreign, yes, foreign he's got to commit me life laughs.

This is beautiful.

Thank you.

Thank God.

All right I need to kill off this page I'm gonna like stop hi.

We will stop now we're here.

Oh my God.

Thank you nice to face examples.

Paige, like the king official wallpaper.

Thank you I'm confused.

Oh, my gosh I need to stop otherwise Rusty's gonna.

Look so incompetent next to dream mode.

I need to stop I need to stop.

Oh, my God.

My life has changed.

My life has changed.

This is a pivotal point.

In my life my life cannot be explained to two pints before I dream right and after drinking my gosh.

Oh, where was I right? We did face box whatever my face, no more meaning now! Oh no, do you want me to do the quiz? Listen.

My life has no meaning right now, I'm, not coding in dreaming.

My name is, if you have tears in your eyes, mine too I was so moved to Tears by the beauty and elegance of that language.

Thank you for sharing.

This is the class.

My life is changed me he's buying some apples.

The price of an apple is calculated and smash.

An Apple cost to a rust box.

My money for you, oh see you I'm like surprise.

They won't be negative.

Apples, I think so wait why why I passed the test? I'm still thinking about dreams, my life has changed so much.

Okay, now I'm moving on to primitive times, I'm learning the opposite of Dreams.

My entryway is so good.

This is like pure escalation of everything.

My eyes, that is my favorite language.

Now no questions about it.

Dream bird is my favorite language, I've, never written anything in here, but it's still my favorite.

What do you want from me? Ah, thank you.

So I am so quiet I'm still, like shell shocked.

How can such a perfect language exist really a dream, but they would accept it even knock foreign character.

Oh no, my brain only dream! Oh thank you.

Thank you! So much.

Thank you, hello.

Everybody, hello! Everyone! We're supposed to be learning rushed, but I've had my world turned upside down.

My dream might end I'm, trying very hard to focus on my lesson.

Obviously my favorite character is exclamation.

Mark now, hello, my story, thank you.

So much for the read I hope your stream went well have a good day.

Well, you said a little waving rushed crab hold on he's, so cute a face he's so cute, I'm, leaning, really close to my screen to look at it.

It's so cute face is so cute.

You know what, if there's one thing Rush has over dream bird the mascot is way cuter, so cute I can click on it.

I didn't know that you've only been streaming for about two years.

I didn't know: I, I'm, I'm, so distracted, I am not saying right now, all right.

Let's move on my primitive times.

Thank you, foreign I needed to see the heat we moved away too fast.


Thank you.

Oh I am I I, know I.

Remember the weed version hang on.

Let's do the weave wait.

I am I I, just like to interject for a moment what you're, referring to.

As you know, she is recently taken trying to push Linux, but maybe she's, not in a operating system until it's laughs, I think today's stream won't be too long.

So maybe we'll just go on for a few more exercises.

I'll, definitely finish primitive types, but I don't know what's happening after for many times, so we'll just see how it goes.

I'm, sorry I wasted so much time.

Reading dream right, but I'm, not sorry.


Moving on you don't like this distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker to mankind, apparently Michelle, obviously 16 feet through an announcers table and also the time that your dad beat you with jumper cables.

Nice, nice, oh nice, rhyme, oh I, clicked the wrong one.

Slicing huh right on a ship.

All right, I, read about this last two weeks ago in my previous Rush stream- might have forgotten some of it.

Now, please, foreign personally I, don't believe in private ownership.

Well, do you believe in dream? Bike can I interest you in online and Save Your Dream, but oh man, all right.

We need one tree.

One on YouTube, I have dreams, foreign, family foreign.

Thank you, foreign.

Thank you! Monster, I, hate life, I am done.

I am done.

Thank you, 5G, oh man.

How many some are like dumber when I have mega in it? It shouldn't be allowed laughs.

You can use the wrap for the structuring by taking a reference to the disability such a view, for example.

That means I cannot cannot edit the wrong file again because I've already exceeded my life quota.

Oh man.

Well, this has been a disaster of a wrestling stream man.

Of course, this is something serious, your Enterprise foreign, okay, fine, oh thank you! Yeah.

We use windows with steinco me.

Oh Java might be loved except my beloved dreams.

I I know this is the shortest stream than usual, but I think we're gonna cap things off here.

We finish: um 21 out of the 95 exercises, I'm.

Sorry, yes, first of all I started late and then I spent like the first 40 minutes, editing the wrong five and then I get distracted by dream.

Hi guys, uh I, don't have any plans for tomorrow's stream, might be nice, so mining we can continue wrestling tomorrow.

Stream was interesting.

Thank you very fort une I swear.

Not all my streams are like this.

A lot of them are sometimes I am focused.

Sometimes I am focused at night achieve my goals, not all the time.

Well, I'm glad you guys enjoyed this week, get more.

Thank you.

Oh I'm, almost 25 percent of a senior Russia impeccable coffee I hope you rest well.

I know you always stay away from my streams.

Please take care of yourself emojis, because I don't know how to type emojis rice time, mine, everybody, everybody, let's go! Yeah everybody become crap.

I forgot the name of the evolution thingy, but everything everybody will become.

Crap I mean crab.

Okay, not not crap I'm, not calling you guys, crap, okay, I'm, like I'm, not calling you guys, I'm, calling you guys yeah with a B, it's so hard to enunciate with my least progress to crap, I'm kind of embarrassing crabby and liquid, okay yeah.

Please take care of yourself, everybody! Please don't fall Sick Around! All right! Everybody see you tomorrow might be more wrestling, I, don't know if I think of something else, I might stream something else.

Otherwise we could just continue wrestling until I feel uncomfortable enough.

Yet we can start doing crashes in Rush.

Yes, yes, bye, bye! Now you will all be cooked.

Remember foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you, foreign foreign.


Why is it so hard to learn Rust? ›

Rust is different

One of the problems why I found Rust hard to learn was that it looked similar to other imperative languages on one side, but introduced a lot of novel concepts. It has all these cycles, conditions, functions, like everyone else. But it also has the ownerships and traits and lifetimes.

What are rustlings for learning Rust? ›

Rustlings is a set of exercises that serves as a great introduction to the Rust language. It covers many concepts from the Rust book by asking you to work through sets of exercises. This collection walks you through Rustlings in a way that explains what's going on in each exercise.

How do you learn Rust effectively? ›

The best way to learn Rust is to embrace its best practices and see where that takes you. The generally recommended path is to start by reading the books, and doing small coding exercises until the rules around borrow checking become intuitive. Once this happens, then you can expand to more real world projects.

Should I learn Rust in 2023? ›

So if you're looking for a new programming language to learn, Rust is definitely worth considering. With its combination of safety, speed, and fun, Rust is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to write code that is both secure and enjoyable to work with.

Is Rust harder then C++? ›

C++ vs.

There is no question that Rust is far easier to use than C++. It also has a significantly lower learning curve, along with extensive community support, libraries, tools, documentation, and additional resources that newcomers to Rust can take advantage of when they are first learning how to use the language.

Is Rust a dying language? ›

According to a StackOverflow survey, Rust is considered to be one of the fastest-growing programming languages and has been ranked as the most liked language by its users.

Is Rust worth learning for a job? ›

The Rust programming language is suitable for projects that require stability and reliability under critically high loads. Programs in Rust provide high performance even in critical situations. As you can see, Rust can be used for a wide range of projects.

Is it beneficial to learn Rust? ›

Rust facilitates easy scalability and concurrency and is suitable for building heavy applications to meet the increasing tech demands in the modern world. It uses a logical and functional syntax that allows developers to handle low-level programming for IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Will learning Rust make you a better developer? ›

It's no wonder, since Rust makes for a better development experience, enhances safety and increases program speed. But Rust also makes you a better developer. Here's how.

How many months to learn Rust? ›

Learn with examples.

Learning the basics and making simple example project from the second book. After finishing the two, doesn't matter how much time it take. I would be able to do it in like 1 to 2 months. That much is enough to go through the staff once.

Can I learn Rust with no experience? ›

Rust made Easy! No Previous Experience Required. The course takes you from Zero to Hero in just 4 Hours.

Which is harder to learn Rust or go? ›

While Go is relatively easier than Rust, it has a steeper learning curve than other languages like JavaScript and Python. Go was designed with a relatively simpler syntax than Rust and was adopted as an easier alternative to C++ compromising memory allocation and memory safety, but comes with concurrency.

Should I learn C++ or Rust? ›

Rust is better in memory safety. C++ is better in terms of compile-time and pointers. Rust is better in framework support, while C++ has better libraries than Rust. Object-oriented programming and game development are better in C++.

Will Rust replace C++ in future? ›

There are several reasons why Rust will replace C++ in the future. First, Rust is a newer language and thus has many modern features that C++ lacks. For example, Rust has a powerful type system that can prevent many types of errors at compile time.

Should I learn Rust or Python? ›

Overall, Rust is a much better language than Python and has a better competitive advantage over Python to become one of the dominant programming languages in the world. Therefore, it is one of the best programming languages you should learn.

What is the hardest programming language? ›

Malbolge is by far the hardest programming language to learn, which can be seen from the fact that it took no less than two years to finish writing the first Malbolge code. The code readability is ridiculously low because it is designed to be as challenging as possible, providing programmers with a challenge.

Which is faster C# or Rust? ›

From this benchmark, we are able to understand that Rust has consistent performance and is almost always faster than C# and Go.

Does Rust have a steep learning curve? ›

Ryan: I have the most fun writing Rust these days. It has a steep learning curve and is not appropriate for many problems; but for the stuff I'm working on now it's perfect. It's a much better C++. I'm convinced that I will never start a new C++ project.

What are the disadvantages of Rust? ›

Downsides of Rust Programming Language
  • Compile Time. Yes, compile time. ...
  • Single Implementation. ...
  • Learning Curve and Development. ...
  • Strictness.
Feb 20, 2021

Why is Rust a bad programming language? ›

All in all, Rust is a nightmare. It is overly verbose, convoluted, hard to read, slow to compile, and lifetimes really are a cruel joke. Googling for what I need rarely results in good answers.

Why is Rust language so fast? ›

Rust incorporates a memory ownership model enforced at a compile time. Since this model involves zero runtime overhead, programs written in Rust are not only memory-safe but also fast, leading to performance comparable to C and C++.

Can I learn Rust in 2 weeks? ›

Rust is a vast language that you won't be able to master in a few weeks. And that's totally fine. You don't have to know everything to get started.

What is the average Rust salary? ›

Rust Developer Salary. $88,500 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $121,500 is the 75th percentile.

How much does a Rust programmer get paid? ›

Rust Developer Salary - Jun 2023
SeniorityAvg Yearly SalaryMax Yearly Salary

Why Rust is better than C++? ›

Rust can be written faster than C++ due largely to its elaborated semantics and system for preventing undesired behaviors. One of the significant issues with C++ is that avoiding undefined behaviors can be difficult. As a result, it can take longer to write C++ code.

What should I learn first in Rust? ›

Wood is the first resource you'll want in abundance. Wood is one of the most important early-game resources you can gather in Rust. It's the only material you will need to build your first starter base and is also needed to build items like a storage box and campfire.

Why no one uses Rust? ›

Asked why developers have stopped using Rust, the most common response is that the respondent's company doesn't use it, suggesting an adoption issue. Other common reasons are the learning curve, a lack of necessary libraries, and a lack of integrated development environment (IDE) support.

Why do devs love Rust? ›

Much of programming language design today focuses on creating functional languages that guide the coder into writing software that's easier to analyze. Rust is part of this trend. Many developers love Rust's logical, functional syntax that encourages structuring their code as a sequence of nested function calls.

Is Rust high paying? ›

Employees who knows Rust earn an average of ₹20lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹18lakhs per year to ₹26lakhs per year based on 6 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹26lakhs per year.

Is Rust hard to code? ›

In Rust, you get the hangover first

So Rust is a language that is famously difficult to learn. But I don't agree that Rust is difficult. Programming itself is difficult. Rust just shows you these difficulties when you are writing your code, not after you start running it.

Is it hard to learn Rust if I know C++? ›

Rust is far easier to learn than C++, but as the Recent Rust Developer Survey highlighted, very few people can currently code in Rust proficiently. Employers like B2C2, therefore, are flexible when it comes to hiring.

Is Rust more difficult than Java? ›

Rust is often used for systems programming and lower-level tasks, while Java is often used for high-level applications and enterprise software. Rust can also be used for high-level applications, but it may require more effort than using a language like Java.

Is Rust high-level or low level? ›

Rust is a low-level programming language with direct access to hardware and memory, which makes it a great solution for embedded and bare-metal development.

Does Rust have future? ›

Rust is expected to rank among the most utilized and well-liked programming languages in 2023 as both programmers and large technology companies begin to see its potential (and beyond).

What language is Rust coded in? ›

Rust's syntax is similar to that of C and C++, although many of its features are more influenced by functional programming languages. It aims to support concurrent systems programming, which has inspired a feature set emphasizing safety, control of memory layout, and concurrency.

Should I learn Rust as a data engineer? ›

Will Rust Be the Programming Language for Data Engineers? Rust is a multi-use language and gets the job done for many problems of a data engineer. But the data engineering space is dominated by Python (and SQL) and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Is Rust hard for beginners? ›

Computer programming is a hard skill to learn in general, and using Rust as a learning language may very well be harder than most. Despite this, I believe that Rust may still be a good language for a beginner to learn with.

How many days does it take to learn Rust? ›

Learn with examples.

Learning the basics and making simple example project from the second book. After finishing the two, doesn't matter how much time it take. I would be able to do it in like 1 to 2 months. That much is enough to go through the staff once.

Is Rust harder to learn than go? ›

While Go is relatively easier than Rust, it has a steeper learning curve than other languages like JavaScript and Python. Go was designed with a relatively simpler syntax than Rust and was adopted as an easier alternative to C++ compromising memory allocation and memory safety, but comes with concurrency.

Is Rust easier to run than ark? ›

Both games are well optimized and work properly. It's safe to say that Rust runs slightly better, but that is most likely due to how minimalistic the game is in comparison in terms of scope and scale.

Is Rust easier than Python? ›

Regarding ease of use and learning, Python is ahead of the Rust language. As mentioned earlier, Python has become one of the top programming languages used worldwide because of its ease of learning. If someone is learning to code for the first time, they should pick up Python than Rust.

What is the easiest gun in Rust? ›

Most Rust players will craft the Revolver as their first real weapon. The gun's low damage is offset by modest recoil, but it still does not down enemies quick enough. The revolver is a reliable gun early in the game, but nothing more.

Is it better to learn Rust or C? ›

Rust is better in memory safety. C++ is better in terms of compile-time and pointers. Rust is better in framework support, while C++ has better libraries than Rust. Object-oriented programming and game development are better in C++.

How many hours to beat Rust? ›

Insane 30.3% Retirement
Co-Op550½ Hours
Competitive13137 Hours

Does Google use Go or Rust? ›

Use GO if you run in the cloud, specially Google Cloud. Use GO for small size projects. Use Rust if your team already knows C and you want to write safer code. Use Rust for high concurrent complex distributed systems that take advantage of every bit of hardware resources and provide predictable performance.

Is Rust easy if I know C++? ›

Rust is far easier to learn than C++, but as the Recent Rust Developer Survey highlighted, very few people can currently code in Rust proficiently.

Is Rust good for career? ›

Rust is a great candidate when building simple APIs or APIs with a specific requirement for performance, safety and simplicity that do one thing well.

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